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Bar Magnet was designed as a way around the tedious way I added torrents to my µTorrent server. It started as a simple program that copied magnet links to your clipboard, but quickly became much more when I couldn’t find an app to do exactly what I needed.$

Torrent file support and support for Transmission was eventually added when I started getting positive feedback from those I included in the private beta.

In 2014 I released the iOS version of Bar Magnet (stylised for iOS as BarMagnet). It provides a lot of features that the OS X version didn't have.

Since you were more likely to have terrible internet wherever you were, if you were using your phone, I added the ability to control torrents and view their stats.

But still yet, I was dissatisfied with what I had, so I added a system that let you search any website you wanted and order by whatever it supported, from Safari.

But even then, I was dissatisfied with what I had, so I made it so that this system was entirely within the application, since Safari didn't play nicely with .torrent files.


Bar Magnet

BarMagnet for iOS has a few planned features left.

  • E.g. When a torrent is successfully added, it responds with ‘{“build”: 27071}’.
  • When a torrent is unsuccessful, it responds with ‘{“build”: 27071}’, unless the file was corrupt.
  • I am currently attempting to work out a solution, with the meta-data’s info dictionary going through an SHA1 hash client side, but attempts so far have failed. As a last resort I will petition the µTorrent developers.

Planned Features

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I created this application entirely in my spare time, and if you appreciate the convenience of it, then please consider donating whatever you think is fair.